Can I use a discount to buy plans?

When purchasing plans, if you buy long durations plan, you can use more discounts on payment. We also offer different discount codes at different times depending on the circumstances and conditions. You can use discount codes that provided at a lower cost than usual to use features.


What credit cards can I use to pay?

You can use paypal to buy biol plans as soon as possible.

How do I see the list of payments I’ve ever done?

The information and status of all payments you make are stored in the database and you can always access them on the payments page. On the payments page, in addition to the payments information, you can also see the date of purchase, start and end of the purchased plans, and check the status of the active plans.

After purchasing the plan, how long does it take to activate the purchased plan?

Once you have select the plan and the payment is done, you will be redirect to the User Panel page and immediately the plan will be activated. after that you get the message “Thank you, your plan has been successfully activated.” that indicates the plan is activated.

How long are the purchased plans?

On the Plans & Pricing page, at first you can select the plan duration that you want to buy, after purchasing the plan, and also on the payment page you can the plan duration. And also you can see the list of all active plans with the expire date of them on payments page.

I have an active plan, can I extend it?

Yes, you can renew your plans at any time. By extending plans, the expire date of your active plan will change with the duration of the renewal plan duration.

Can i use PRO plan features by having agency plan?

Yes, by having agency plan you will have free, pro and agency plans features, and you will not need to purchase pro plan.

Can i use PRO & Agency plans features by having Business plan?

Yes, by having Business plan you will have free, pro, agency and business plans features, and you will not need to purchase pro and agency plans.

Can I buy a plan for lifetime?

Yes, you can select “lifetime” for the plan when you want purchase a plan. After that purchased plan will be active for lifetime and you can use all the current and future features of the than biol plan.

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