Can I register without email?

Yes, addition to email you can use your accounts in social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, … to register on biol.

If I’m registered by Instagram, is my Instagram password store on

No, we use the official Instagram API to authenticate and login to The official Instagram API does not allow the clients to receive important information such as password, you can safely and completely secure your Instagram login to the site. You can safely and securely use your Instagram account to log in to your account in

How do I register by Instagram on biol?

You can click on instagram icon on register page for registering  by your Instagram account.

When you click on the Instagram icon you will be redirect to a new page, in this page you should allow access to your profile informations on instagram. After that you can select your custom username and click on the register button to complete your registration and make your bio link.

What is my bio link url?

Your bio link url is like , which your username place instead of the name. Also when you are logged in. In the top part of the page, next to your account image, you can click on the “My Page” button. In the new window, it’s possible to see your bio link url and your own QR code.

How can I remove the logo from my bio link?

By purchasing one of the PRO, AGENCY or BUSINESS plans the logo of will be removed from your page instantly. As long as your plan is active, you will no longer see the logo on your bio link.

Can I use any username?

You can use any username that does not belong to the registered brands and websites. If your username includes the these items and ask for legal or legal personality, after the correspondent and informing the holder of the username, the authorization of that username will be withdrawn and granted to that person.

I Forgot my password, How can i login?

If your account has been created by e-mail and you have forgotten your password, on the login page you can click on “I forgot my password!” and in the new form that shows for you, enter the email address you registered with, and then click the “Reset” button.

After completing these steps, we will send you an email with a link to change your password. By clicking on this link in your email, you can set a new password for your account. After that you can log in to your account with new password.

What is the maximum number of characters allowed for username?

Each username in the can be up to a maximum of 30 characters.

What characters can the username contain?

Your username can be contain capital letters (A-Z) and small letters (a-z), lines – , underline _ and dot .

Can I use site features without registration?

No, for using site features and have your custom bio link you must to register on site.

Can i register by email?

Yes, we have provided registering by email for you. In addition to email, you can also use your accounts on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, … for registering on biol.

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