One bio link for all of your social networks

Through Biol, you can have a specific and individualized bio link for your followers to connect with all your social networks like Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Multiple bio links

All social networks include a bio section where you can have your bio link and such tools as hashtag and mention. The number of links provided are limited in some social networks like Instagram. Biol helps you have a specific link for your biography section of all your accounts in social networks without limitation of number of links. It is also possible to update and change the links through management panel.

Quick & Easy Register

Users can quickly and easily register for biol. You can use your account in different social networks like Instagram, Google , Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, and have your specific bio link in less than 20 seconds, without being have to pass the challenging and time-consuming steps in the usual sign-up processes. It is also possible to make your bio link through email.

Contact only by one click

By biol, it is no more necessary to give your connection information to every follower. You are also no more concerned about how they would find you through different messengers. you just mention your connection information such as Phone number, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc, in your bio link so that the visitors can get in touch with you only by one click.

Text, video, music, ...

You can provide your followers or customers with your profile links in social networks, so they can easily follow you. You can also use different types of content to introduce yourself or your products including video, voice, text, question and answer, etc.

Different themes for different preferences

A unique feature of biol is that it provides different themes for your bio link. You can experience a wide range of different themes based on your personal brand and preference. Biol provides you with tools to design your unique personal theme for your bio link.

Some Bio links

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