Multiple Bio Links in One Bio Link helps you and your business to have an attractive and unique bio link and have multiple links in your Instagram bio.

Improve your bio link by adding more than one link in Instagram bio, Facebook or other social networks like Telegram , Twitter, LinkedIn, ... and share all your ways of communication with your audience and customers and Increase your sales.

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Multiple Bio Links in One Bio Link

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With a single link, have multiple links in your Instagram bio

Social Networks

Share your social media links with your followers


Share your favorite music's, podcasts or audio files


Add unlimited number of images to your bio link (coming soon)


Introduce your product or services in your bio link


Share your navigation address link in nav apps


Answer your users or customers frequently asked questions once and for all


Introduce your business or product by video files

Form Builder

Easily get the information and data you need from your audience. (coming soon)


Just by one click, your audience communicates with you in messengers. The only link you need for all your online connections

Gather all your links together by adding different social media links and messengers in a single link. Is it possible for your followers and customers to easily follow your activities on other social networks and communicate with you through messengers with just one click. Finally, use your own unique link, without any restrictions, wherever you need it.

Uses of single link: online business card, landing page, link in bio of social networks and messengers such as Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., posters and print ads, resume and Job application forms, at the end of your email or articles and ...

By biol.meHave special, beautiful and unique Bio link

Single Link places special value on your brand's unique and distinctive visual identity. In this regard, we have provided a wide range of customization tools for you. You can use designs, colors, images and everything that is specific to you and your brand to create a single link page with complete control over your brand reputation. Create beautiful, creative, unique and professional pages. And give life to your brand identity.

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QR codes help you share complete, accurate, and more detailed information about your business, products, and services with your audience. Get your own QR Code by creating link. With a little creativity, use it in your advertising campaigns and marketing process. Make your links in the online and offline world. And direct your audience from the real world to your links.

QR Code, for your bio link

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